Hi-Stat Workshop Week on Historical Statistics

24-28 September 2007
Research Unit for Statistical Analysis in Social Sciences (Hi-Stat)
Institute of Economic Research (IER), Hitotsubashi University

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Conference Papers

Mini-Workshop on Historical Comparison of
International Income and Productivities

September 26, 2007

Herman de Jong
An International Comparison of Real Value Added and
Productivity in Manufacturing for the US, UK, and Germany 1935/36
. (PDF)

Stephen Broadberry and Bishnupriya Gupta
The Historical Roots of India's Service-led Development:
A Sectral Analysis of Anglo-Indian Productivity Differences, 1870-2000

Thomas Rawski
Linking Pre-Communist and Post-Communist National Income in China:
Data and Methodological Issues

Konosuke Odaka
Research Outcome and Publication Plan of Asian Historical Statistics Project (PDF)

Tangjun Yuan and Kyoji Fukao
Data and Methodological Issues of Production Side PPP for East Asia (PDF)

China's Industrial Structure and Economic Growth:
A Historical Perspective

September 27, 2007

Aungus Maddison and Harry Wu
China's Economic Performance: How Fast Has GDP Grown;
How Big is it Compared with the USA?

Masaaki Kuboniwa
A Reappraisal of Post-war Economic Growth in China (PDF)

Li Shi
Changes in Income Inequality in China (PDF)

Hiroshi Sato and Li Shi
Class Origin, Family Culture, and Intergenerational Correlation of
Education in Rural Chinal

Xin Meng
Has China Run Out of Surplus Labour?

Scott Rozelle
Self Employment in Rural China (PDF)

Prema-Chandra Athukorala, Kyoji Fukao and Tangjun Yuan
Industrial Transition and Labour Market Adjustment in China (PDF)

Historical Occupational Structures:
Asian and European Perspectives

September 28, 2007

Daan Marks
Occupational structure and structural change in Indonesia, 1880-2000. (PDF)

Jae-Won Sun
Occupatinal structure's changen in colonial Korea, 1930-40 (PDF)

Osamu Saito and Tokihiko Settsu
Unveiling rural by employment patterns and its implications for
national income estimates in early phases of Japan's industrialisation

Leigh Shaw-Taylor
The occupational structure of England c.1750-1871

Erik Buyst
Changes in the occupational structure of Belgium:
New estimates for the 1846-1910 period

Danielle van den Heuvel and Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk
Changing occupational structures?
The Dutch labour market, c.1580-1900