N.W. Posthumus Institute of Economic and Social History, Groningen
Hitotsubashi University 21st Century Program,
Research Unit for Statistical Analysis in Social Sciences,
the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University

Technology and Long-run Economic Growth in Asia

September 8-9, 2005,
Sano-Shoin, Hitotsubashi University, Kunitachi, Tokyo

Conference Information

Agenda (PDF)


Conference Papers

ATHUKORALA, Prema-chandra and Archanun Kohpaiboon
The International Allocation of R&D Activity by US Multinationals:
The East Asian Experience in Comparative Perspective

BASSINO, Jean-Pascal and Pierre van der Eng
The first East Asian Economic Miracle:
A Comparison of Nominal Wages and Welfare of Urban Workers
in Southeast Asia, Japan and Europe, 1880-1938

FRANKEMA, Ewout and Jan Thomas Lindblad
Technological Development and Economic Growth in Indonesia and Thailand since 1950 (PDF)

FUKAO, Kyoji , Debin Ma and Tangjun Yuan
Real GDP in pre-War East Asia:
A 1934-36 Benchmark Purchasing Power Parity Comparison with the U.S

KOSAI, Yutaka
Economic Performance and Technology -The Case of Japan- (PDF)

KUBO, Toru
Industrial Development in Republican China, Newly Revised Index: 1912-1948 (PDF)

Reconstruction of the Service Sector in the National Accounts of Indonesia 1900-2000:
Concepts and Methods

MIZOGUCHI, Toshiyuki
Estimates of the Long-run Economic Growth of Taiwan
Based on Revised SNA (1901-2000) Statistics

PYO, Hak Kil and Bongchan Ha
Technology and Long-run Economic Growth in Korea (PDF)

THEE, Kian Wie
Policies Affecting Indonesia's Industrial Technology Development (PDF)

Capital Formation and Economic Growth in Indonesia, 1951-2004 (PDF)

Wu, Tsong-Min
Comments on Estimates of the Long-run Economic Growth of Taiwan
Based on Revised SNA (1901-2000)
(PDF) PDF file of slides

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